IGG Bouweconomie offers you this check. Our services have been developed to the economic feasibility and risks to make your plans transparent and to control them, without jeopardizing quality and progress. In this way, the financial foundation of your construction projects remains stable throughout the entire process.
Curious about IGG's vision? We are happy to tell you more about our history, method and projects.
About us
IGG Bouweconomie has been showing an integrated vision of construction cost advice and management since 1988. Our services are constantly evolving, so that IGG can always offer a good basis for cost control in construction: a committed consultancy with extensive expertise.
Our method
Read more about our work The specialists at IGG are tirelessly committed to clarity and certainty in construction costs. We go further than just calculation - our approach brings all costs under control, while offering practical alternatives to avoid cost overruns.
Our team
The construction world is a dynamic playing field in which every player has to deal with complex construction-economic questions. A comprehensive solution for construction cost advice therefore requires a mix of knowledge, experience, commitment and integrity - the keywords of IGG's talent.
IGG's approach has proven itself many times over over the years. Our references provide a good picture of our committed vision and our contributions within the construction world, and thus clearly show the added value we can offer you.
Working at IGG
IGG's broad experience has come about from a very varied project history in the construction world. Our overview of clients provides a clear indication of our possibilities and the level of our services.
IGG in the press
The IGG team is responsible for construction cost advice on various national and international construction projects. Projects with a public profile often come to the attention of the media, and we are happy to offer you an overview of this reporting.