A practical construction cost calculation tool

The ability to effectively manage construction costs is an essential ingredient to success. To keep your projects on track, you need to be able to accurately estimate costs. The closer these estimates are to reality, the better your chances of a successful outcome.
Construction Cost Compass was created to help you create the best estimate of current costs for your construction projects. To this end, we have developed a unique construction cost calculator specifically for the Dutch market.
By combining the intuitive online tool with a detailed cost database that covers many types of projects, we have a construction cost calculator that can immediately give you in-depth insight into all construction costs.
4 easy steps to calculate the construction costs of your project
1. Enter attributes and location.
2. Select building type
3. Define project parameters
4. Calculate project costs
Choose your industry to personalize the construction cost tool
The construction world consists of many different industries, each with its own specific building characteristics. The cost structure of a housing project can be very different from that of a healthcare or a hotel.
Bouwkostenkompas understands that insights into the specific sector are relevant. That is why we offer you the possibility to adapt the construction cost tool to your needs.
Our online tool offers a variety of industries to choose from, ranging from education, healthcare, offices and retail. This allows you to adjust the accuracy of your calculation within the calculation tool.
Discover the benefits today
Our unique construction cost database gives you everything you need to manage your projects.